Boost Your Energy With 5 Simple Changes

Have you ever woke up, and just felt completely drained? It happens to everyone, now and then; and, we can help you kick that feeling. Take a look at these 5 simple changes that will boost your energy in a flash!

Soak Up The Sun

soak-up-the-sunSunlight is a natural energy booster, and it also helps to elevate our moods. Head outside of the office, and get away from the cold AC and fluorescent lighting. Take a brief walk or sit down and enjoy some sunshine. It’s important to get at least 15 to 20 minutes of sunshine each day. Step outside for three or four 5-minute breaks to boost your energy and mood.


blinkTry blinking more often. Rather than staring intently at the screen or page all day, try to blink 10 to 20 times per minute. Each blink provides your brain with enough rest to energize itself, because blinking makes the mind think that you are resting. In turn, you will for more energized and awake.

Drink Green Juice!

drink-green-juiceTrade in your morning cup of Joe for a nutrient-packed green juice. In a juicer, combine kale leaves, celery, lemon, pear, and other dark greens to create a true power green juice! Use the above mix as a base, and add other fruits and vegetables such as beets, orange, ginger, apple, and pineapple to create your own signature energy drink. Not only will this juice give you more energy, but it will also cleanse and boost your immune system. Do not have a blender? No problem! Simply use a blender and strain before drinking.

Sit Up Straight!

sit-up-straightImproving your posture can immediately give you more energy. Sitting up straight plays a huge role in brining blood flow to our brains. When we practice bad posture, arteries are restricted, in turn restricting blood flow to the brain. Misaligned posture wastes energy, as it makes our muscles over work, in order to function normally. Naturally aligned posture is healthy and helps reduce over-all, long-term fatigue and stress.


socialize Surround yourself with high-energy friends. Socializing with these kinds of people will help motivate and uplift you, in turn, revitalizing your body and mind. Energy and enthusiasm of positive, high-energy people will rub off on you, and in no time, you will be one of those high-energy, optimistic persons! If you are looking for some additional help in boosting your energy levels, try combining the ways mentioned above with Stacker 2’s Energize Stack, which showcases Stacker 2 Extra Strength Energy Shot and Stacker 2 Energy Drink. These two fast acting, non-habit forming products along with these simple changes will have you feeling more energized in a flash.

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