Get Ready To Start The New Year Right

Get ready to strat the new year right

Every year, around this time, we all start getting pumped about new year’s resolutions and talk about how we’re going to start the new year with a renewed energy.  However, January rolls around, and we usually don’t even think twice about those plans.  At any rate, this year will be different, because we are here to help you get ready to start the new year right  with these awesome tips.

Build Muscles To Speed Up Your Metabolic Rate

Build muscles

Having muscles helps you burn calories at a faster and steadier rate – even at rest.  If you are loosing a lot of weight, without doing strength training, you are more than likely loosing muscle along with fat.  In turn, you are slowing down your metabolism, rather than speeding it up.

Vitamin C Is Your Friend

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that plays an important role in muscle recovery.  It also helps your body produce collagen, which is a major structural protein that is found in connective tissue that holds, bones, muscles, and tissues together.  Additionally, Vitamin C blocks free radical damage in your body.  It is important to take a Vitamin C supplement, in order to get your daily-recommended values.

Combat Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy

In order to achieve optimal fitness, you need to combat muscle atrophy.  Creating a fitness routine that combines aerobic and weight-training exercises can effectively combat muscle atrophy.  Both aerobic and weight training provide benefits that work in tandem to benefit your health such as increased walking speed, ability to climb stairs, and reduced frequency of falls or injuries.

Make Reps Count With The Ideal Weight

Muscle reps

Strength-training exercise can be ineffective or cause injury if you are using weights that weigh too little or too much.  Picking up weights that are just right for you will fatigue your muscles quicker, therefore, you  can perform fewer reps to achieve the same results and avoid injury. The new year is upon us, so now’s the time to get focused on results and real change for the better.  Jump-start your new year resolutions with our line of Dexatrim products.  We have everything from Dexatrim Max Dieters Protein to Dexatrim Max Energy Shots.  When you combine our products with tips such as those found above, you can achieve higher energy levels, weight loss, and muscle toning.

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