Health-Conscious Tips Towards Getting Fit

Ever wonder why some people are so healthy, fit, and full of life? You can be just like those people who amaze you, with our health-conscious tips towards getting fit!

Warm Up Those Muscles

Warm up those muscles

Core muscles take some warming up, as they are harder to activate than muscles in the surrounding areas. If you don’t warm up those muscles, most of the work and strain is done by your back and hips. You don’t want that! Try to stretch your body, especially your back, arms, and shoulder blades to activate your core muscles. Then proceed with your crunches!

Curb Appetite With A Little EVOO

Curb Appetite with a little evoo

Add some extra virgin olive oil to your diet, in order to curb your appetite. Studies indicate that olive oil contains certain compounds, which stimulate hormones in your stomach that signal to your brain that it’s full. In turn, you body doesn’t feel as hungry. Try taking about one tablespoon of olive oil about 15 minutes before a meal. It might seem strange, but it has been proven to stop overeating and weight gain.

The 2-Hour Rule

The 2-Hour Rule

Remember that “don’t eat two hours before bed” rule? Well, it’s back to haunt you, because the truth of the matter is that experts were right. While you’re sleeping your body should be burning off its current fat storages, as opposed to burning off whatever snack you ate. So, be sure to eat a healthy and filling dinner, and refrain from eating snacks two hours before bed.

Sleep More!

Sleep more

Your body works more efficiently when you sleep. It is recommended that adults get anywhere from six to eight hours of sleep a night. Try not to stay up too late on a regular basis, as that will throw of your body’s natural rhythm. When your body gets thrown off, it begins overproducing hormones such as cortisol. Getting some ZZZs helps your body and metabolism stay more regulated.

Green Veggie Power

Green Veggie Power

Make sure to power up on green vegetables, such as lettuce, kale, and broccoli. Green veggies have very little calories, but pack a mean punch as they are super filling and full of vitamins. Green vegetables make the perfect snack because they have fiber and curb your appetite from eating unhealthy snacks or foods later in the day. We hope that our tips will help you gain better health and loose the weight you seek to loose. If you’re looking for a little help to jump-start your fitness plan, try our line of Dexatrim products to help you loose weight, gain energy, and curb your appetite as well.

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