The Top 4 Most Effective Exercises To Build Muscles Without Going to the Gym

Are you like the millions of people out there who want to build muscle, but don’t want to go to the gym, or simply don’t have time to go to the gym? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our list of the top 5 most effective exercises to build muscle provide quick results, and make it easier to actually getting a workout done on your own time.


squatsThe best ways for anyone to strengthen their leg and glute muscles are squats. When performing this classic exercise, make sure that you keep your legs shoulder width apart and keep your posterior parallel to the floor when you squat. Controlled movements will ensure that you are keeping proper balance and form. Squats not only promote the growth of muscle fibers, but they help you better maintain balance and strengthen the bones in your legs as well as connective tissue.


push-upsThe top ways to strengthen your arm and core muscles are push-ups. When performing this exercise be sure to keep your spine neutral and rigid as doing otherwise can lead to serious injury. It always helps to do push-ups with a mirror, in order to ensure that you have correct form. Push-ups increase your metabolic rate during and post workout. Additionally, they help combat osteoporosis by strengthening your bones, while tightening and toning your core.


plankThe Plank is without a doubt one of the most difficult exercises to perform, but it is also one of the most beneficial. Start in a kneeling position, use your arms to balance yourself, then move your legs back until you are on your tip toes. You will be parallel to the floor. Once in that position, keep your body in a straight line, and make sure that your forearms are on the ground. Maintain your balance for 120 seconds, for the most effective plank. The main benefit of the plank is strengthening your core, which is made up of a group of 29 muscles, and correcting posture.

Wall Sit

wall-sit Wall sit is the ideal exercise for those looking to build their back muscles. This exercise is very effective, yet simple to perform. Find a wall, and pretend that you are sitting on an invisible chair. Keep your legs slightly separated and your back straight. Try to hold the position for 120 seconds. This exercise strengthens your back and engages numerous support muscles. In addition, the wall sit helps build endurance and flexibility. Bodyweight exercises, such as the exercises above, have demonstrated to help build muscle without having to go to the gym or using expensive equipment. The only tools you need are your body, time, effort, and determination. These exercises can be done during one session or scattered throughout the day. If you are looking to jump start muscle gain, and overall fitness, combine the exercises mentioned with the Stacker 2 Pro Series – 30-Day Get Ripped Stack, which features the following Stacker 2 Pro Series products: Thermbuterol, Protein, and the L-Carnatine Shot. For additional pre and post workout options, choose Stacker 2 Pro Series Pre Workout, L-Glutamine, and Intra-Post Workout.

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