Top 5 Tips for Getting Ripped Abs

Everyone wants flat abs or the coveted six-pack, washboard abs; but, what some do not understand is that in order to get ripped abs you have to work on it. You need to exercise, eat right, sleep better, and most importantly never give up! Check out our 5 tips for getting ripped abs. You will thank us for these tips, as soon as you start taking notice. So, in advance, you are very welcome!

1) Core-Centric Exercises

core-centric-excercisesOne of the best ways to get ripped abs is to focus on doing core-centric exercises such as vertical chair knee raises. This powerful exercise stimulates up to 210 percent more activity within the abdominal area than regular crunches. Deadlifts and squats are also very effective as core muscles are integral for performing either exercise. Squats and deadlifts have also proven to be more effective than crunches because they burn more calories, in turn giving you more bang for your buck with each additional repetition you perform.

2) Waistline Woes

waistline-woesStomach or waistline fat is generally the hardest fat to burn or loose. Although everyone’s body is different, the stomach or middle area is generally fat’s favorite place to stay. In order to combat waistline woes, you need to pay attention to hormonal changes, which result from stress, aging, and lack of proper sleep that may make it more difficult to see results in stomach fat loss. If you notice hormonal changes try to lower your stress levels via meditation, get more or better quality sleep, and practice better eating habits to slow aging down. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for melting belly fat other than invasive surgery, but fortunately, bodybuilding program pdf with proper nutrition and consistent exercise stomach fat can be tamed and banished.

3) Work On Those Shoulder And Hip Muscles

work-on-those-shoulder-and-hip-muscleStudies show that exercises that activate shoulder and hip muscles have proven to be the most effective exercises for activating abdominal muscles. Two great exercises to activate shoulder, hip, and abs utilize the Swiss ball – the Swiss ball rollout and the Swiss ball pike. (You can easily find instructions on how to perform these two exercises online.)

4) Rest And Recovery

rest-and-recoveryWhen seeking to get ripped abs or bigger muscles, it is important that you prioritize time to rest and recover. Muscles do not grow while exercising or lifting weights; rather, they grow and recover in between workouts and the strain you put on them during lifting is being repaired. Rest days give your body the time it needs to recover, in order to see results from your workout. It is also important to create good sleeping habits.

5) Do NOT Give Up!

do-not-give-up Do not give up, whatsoever! This is probably the most cliché and true word of advice for anyone looking to get ripped abs! Many factors are involved in getting ripped abs, including current fitness levels, body fat, diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, sleep quality, and exercise routines. Ripped abs will not happen over night, they take real work and time. Get a fitness and nutrition plan organized and stick to it for a minimum of at least 12 weeks before you will see any noticeable results. Combine these tips with our line of Stacker 2 products to help you get a jump-start towards getting ripped abs.

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